Friday, September 29, 2006

A Soccer Story...

So just recently we decided to enroll our son, Tyler, in soccer. We had missed the deadline due to the fact that we were kind of tied up with that whole "having a baby thing" but found out about an opening from a young lady Erin works with. So, we signed him up. It's been an interesting ride, to say the least. I struggle to sit through practices. It's tough watching him play with cones, roll in the grass, and whatever else you can think of while everyone else is actually learning soccer but I know it'll come.

Anyway, yesterday, as we arrived at practice, he was kind of amped up and the coach hadn't shown up yet. So, as Erin, Peyton, and I perched on some large rocks underneath a tree, I told Tyler to run over to another tree and back just to get some exercise. Sometimes it's good to be the parent! So, off he goes. I look to Erin for a moment, the look in my eyes saying, "Yeah...I know what I'm doing", when I turn back to look at Tyler and the tree. He's standing there in front of the tree, now tugging down his britches! Erin starts laughing incessantly, near crying, saying, "He's going to pee! He's going to pee!"

Good times. Long live soccer practice.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

One of My Heroes...

While this might seem a bit contrived or whatnot, I just felt compelled, in the small space of time that I have this morning, to share with you about one of the heroes in my life, my lovely wife, Erin. My wife simply amazes me. For whatever reason, it has just struck me more so lately. I've watched her negotiate the tricky hormonal waters of pregnancy with grace and ease, working through nearly the whole time up to birth. Rarely did she complain, whine, or moan about the crazy demands her body was making upon her. After the birth of both of our children, most recently, Peyton, I've watched her dilligently climb out of bed at all times of night in order to feed and soothe our new little one. As circumstances have deemed for our life at this time, she's had to go back to work but, each and every night, she still pulls herself from slumber to love on this little bundle of joy. She stands as the more lucrative breadwinner in our family, a fact that brings both frustration and pride to my heart, and definately has the better financial head on her shoulders. She continues on hard with her schooling, hopefully to be completed in December, while all of this presses on her. On top of it all, she puts up with a husband who has hemmed and hawed over his place in this world. I could go on and on but, essentially, I've said all of that to say that, well, I really love my wife.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Love My Kids...

Sometimes I Fear...

Sometimes I fear...

I'm not a good parent...

God's grace will run out...


That I've already failed...

The Church...

That I really am called to the Church...


That I don't really know what success is...

Falling so hard I won't be able to get back up...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Review: Rogue's Gallery - Various

Here's another review of what I thought was a really great album! Check it out!

Rogue's Gallery - Various

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Livin' La Vida Loca!

"I like to move it, move it!"

Silence Explained...

I know that as of late this blog has not held much interest outside of a self-important posting regarding my bit of review work with INFUZE or some family pictures. I guess there have been a few exceptions but, all in all, I've seemingly diverted from some of what I've discussed most in the past, namely my spiritual journey and wrestlings in particular with the "good monster" (ht: Jars of Clay!) we call the Church. This silence has not been entirely unintentional.

Certainly, a portion of my silence has stemmed from a busy life. A new baby, a four year old son whom we've now enrolled in soccer, those aforementioned reviews, and life in general have taken up the better part of my time in terms of both writing and thinking. In fact, I've even taken some time off from the more serious reading I'm typically accustomed to, opting for, in unusual fashion for me, two Christian fiction works, and a wonderful book I'm halfway through, The Stupidest Angel. I've simply wanted to let my mind cool down.

For so long I've fought with these ideas of church and theology and right living and whatever else you can cram into that conversation that I've simply worn myself out. These are not bad topics nor has the time I've spent on them been a waste but it is honestly exhausting, particularly at this stage in my life as I seek out my future. Therefore, I've taken a few weeks to just veg. I've read some fluff, tried to relax, and have even started back to my early morning basketball gatherings. Don't worry though. You'll see some exasperated posts before long. I'm sure of it.

Just Makes Me Smile...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Review: Turn Around - Johnny Lang

Here's a review I did for the new album by Johnny Lang for INFUZE!

Turn Around - Johnny Lang

Friday, September 08, 2006


Cost of two cans of Chef Boyardee: $1.69 buy one get one free!

Cost of two bags of gourmet movie theater butter microwave popcorn: $.99

Running time of Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi: 135 minutes

My son, Tyler, and I, sitting in the dark, watching the movie, munching our snacks: Priceless...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What Do I Do Now?

Scot McKnight, once again, has tapped into my thoughts in this blogpost of his. I'm continuing to wrestle with the thought of what I'm supposed to do with my life. No, this is not the Rick Warren, "purpose driven" wrestling match I'm engaged in but rather is the one that balances a sense of calling, obligation, and desire. I have a degree in Christianity, so to speak, but have become disenchanted with the walls within which that point of operation has placed itself. Do I dare venture outside the walls and seek to build new ones? Do I pursue other loves, though the tend to lack stability?

I don't know the answer right now. I'm keeping my eyes peeled and my ears open. I can pray, and I can seek, and I can hope.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tales From the Photo Counter

Just last week my wife shared with me an experience she had at the photo counter of one of our local Walgreens/CVS stores. I thought I'd share it with you.

"So I went up to the store to print out a bunch of these pictures since we were going to be scrapooking. And I'm up there, printing all eighty of my pictures, which takes a freakin' long time, and I'm holding Peyton and a lady comments to me, "She's beautiful". I replied with thanks and checked on my pictures.

The lady continued. "Are you going to shave her head?"

At this, I did a double-take. "Uh, no, I hadn't planned on it."

"Well," the lady of Indian descent replied, "in my country it is customary to shave the head of infants so their hair grows back more full and lush."

The little girl around her feet said, "You shaved my head, didn't you, Mommy?" The mother just nodded.

Weird, huh? And for those still wondering, no. We're not doing it. Even though Peyton has a an old man wraparound right now, we're not doing it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

For Mature Audiences Only

Okay, so this isn't exactly a nasty post but some would potentially be, um, disenchanted with where I'm going here so, before you go any further, consider yourself warned. There is material here of a frank sexual nature that may be offensive to some. If this does not scare you, keep on reading.

Okay, glad you stuck around. This really isn't nasty or obscene. Rather, it's more of an observation. I spend a lot of time in grocery stores. One of my jobs is for a local bread company wherein I travel a route, one day a week, and do what are called "pull ups". Essentially, we just pull any backstock the regular distributors have left in the store and make sure the shelves look neat. It gives them a day off and puts some money in our pockets. It's easy and relatively quick. So, as I travel these grocery stores week in and week out, I am constantly running across new displays and products and whatnot. Well, not too long ago I was running my route and somewhere along the way came across the display of contraceptive devices, and condoms in particular. When, might I ask you, did the condom selection become so varied and huge? There are normal condoms, lambskin condoms, ribbed, colored, and they all come in varied sizes as well.

Now, it's entirely possible that I've missed these great number of varieties simply due to the fact that, whether I've been married or not, the purchase of condoms has mortified me. As you go to purchase the condom, you're almost having a three-way of sorts right there. Because, unless you're a person without scruples, you've got to pay for these things. And, inevitably, there is always a female cashier working that day. I don't know. It's just a weird thing to sort of broadcast to the world that you're anticipating a good chance at sex, at least good enough to invest a few bucks. Which brings us to my observation of choice.

As I perused (and it's not like I sat there for an hour, I just walked by the display!) the great array of contraceptives available to a young man like myself, I was taken with the package that contained the flavored condoms. Now, this is perhaps the most bizarre of purchases to make. This not only implies that one is anticipating the opportunity for sex, but is also looking for a good chance for sex of the oral variety. Maybe it's just me but this seems pretty damn ballsy. And as you go through the line with your package of banana, strawberry, and pina colada flavored prophylactics, you're declaring to the whole world, or at the very least the world that happens to be in your check-out line that you're going to be entertaining someone down south. Hmmm...Crazy...

One more thought and then I'm done with this filthy ramble. I'm just imagining what the response of the young man who purchases the aformentioned flavored condom might be.

Me: "So, why'd you buy the flavored condoms?"

Him: "Uh, duh! What do you think?"

Me: "Well, I know what you're thinking but don't you think that perhaps you're putting your hopes out there a bit much? At least right now?"

Him: "Hey, I care about this girl. That's why I bought the flavored ones. I'm looking out for her best interests!"

Me: "Sure you are."

Okay, enough filth. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

(In all honesty, this was just a thought that literally ran through my mind. The purchase of strawberry flavored condoms is one that seriously takes some intestinal fortitude.)